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tyson fury winner
tyson fury winner

Last night at Wembley Stadium, London, the most flabbergasted and anticipated WBC heavyweight fighting Between two unbeatable superior fighters’ Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte.
After six one-sided round fights, Tyson Fury Smashed Dillan Whyte (32-0-1) defended his WBC heavyweight title with a perfect right uppercut.

tyson fury vs dillian whyte Fight
tyson fury vs dillian whyte Fight

After (32-0-1) victory at 33 years old, Fury received a hero’s welcome, and he pledged to retire from the ring. That remains the case, and he enjoyed a trouble-free victory lap against a challenger who failed to get anywhere near solving heavyweight boxing’s most complex puzzle.

Fury emotion

Fury said, “I wasn’t looking to win on points tonight. I wanted a big dirty knockout.

“I went out with a bang, and This is the end of the Gypsy King.

“I’m 34 in a few months. I have been in this game 20 years; I said the third Wilder fight would be my last, but I felt I owed the fans one last homecoming.

“Tonight was amazing but this is the end.”

Match News

At the beginning of this most anticipated match, Fury and Whyte were not aggressive. They have prolonged the match to 6 rounds. When it came in the sixth, as Tyson Fury uncorked a beauty of a shot on the point of Dillian Whyte’s chin, he shoved his opponent back to fashion space for a follow-up punch, but the Brixton man crumpled to the canvas.

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