The UFC Canceled a Fan and Media Event In Las Vegas

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will stage its next combat event without any fans or members of the media in attendance; nevertheless, the promoter of mixed martial arts will not explain why this decision has been taken.

The event will take place in a venue that does not allow spectators.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will hold a thirteen-bout Fight Night program at the Apex Gym on its corporate site in Las Vegas on Saturday night, but neither spectators nor journalists will be present at the event.

UFC Has Been Staging Its Regularly Broadcasted Events

The program will be broadcast on pay-per-view. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus first started, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has been staging its regularly broadcasted events at the somewhat modest gymnasium.

On the other hand, the organization has always followed the custom of restricting attendance to certain subgroups of supporters as well as members of the press. This practice has been in place from the beginning.

Mackenzie Dern, the strawweight who will be competing against Yan Xioanan in the main match, said on Wednesday during a media availability that Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and chief executive officer of Meta, has “rented out the entire event.”

” It is well known that Zuckerberg is a devoted follower of the fighting sport known as mixed martial arts (MMA), and it is also well known that he has received instruction in this area of expertise.

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A Quote from Dern Goes Something Like

Dern was quoted as saying, “I don’t believe there should be any doubt that he’ll be there.”

“However, I am unsure whether it will simply be him and his wife, if he will have some friends over, or if it will be a smaller, more intimate get-together with his closest family members and friends.

I can state with all candor that I have no idea. The fact that I’m pumped up just makes me more determined to provide a performance that completely astounds everyone else.

Although I am fully aware that everyone else is watching on TV, I am going to put on a show for Mark, and whatever else is going to be there regardless of what else is going to be there.

Finishing Line

They are very interested in going to see a show. After that, there will be a concert that is open to the public that we are planning to put on.

When asked over the past few days about the reason for the shutdown, UFC President Dana White has declined to explain; however, on Wednesday, he took to Twitter to refute rumors that Mark Zuckerberg had reserved the entire Apex gym for himself.

White was responding to rumors that Zuckerberg had reserved the entire Apex gym for himself. In his response, White addressed the idea that Zuckerberg had booked the whole Apex gym for himself.

The spokeswoman of the UFC refused to respond when requested to do so by a reporter from The Associated Press. Instead, she directed the writer to an email that had been issued to regular MMA media outlets to announce the suspension of activities without citing a reason.

On Friday, reporters are allowed to cover the official weigh-in, but they are not permitted to cover the bouts themselves.

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