Shakur Stevenson vs Robson Conceicao: Match Analysis and Predictions

On September 23, Shakur Stevenson will defend his super featherweight WBO and WBC titles against Robson Conceicao, who has previously competed for both championships. Stevenson has never been defeated in his professional career.

Shakur Stevenson vs Robson Conceicao

Conceicao has competed in both championships. Robson Conceicao has participated in the past for both of these championships. The record for Stevenson is flawless, as it now stands at 18 wins with 0 losses to its credit. Robson Conceicao’s previous efforts to compete for both titles were not successful (17-1).

Previous Scoreboards of Boxing

After a fantastic performance against Oscar Valdez, which culminated in Shakur Stevenson winning by unanimous decision, he was just awarded the WBC belt to add to his collection of boxing championships.

Robson Conceicao got back on his feet and won his second fight of this year, a unanimous decision victory against Xavier Martinez in January of this year. This victory came after Conceicao suffered his first loss earlier in the year.

Shakur Stevenson Match Analysis

Stevenson’s early boxing career has been spotless. He’s just 25 years old, yet he’s already won two world championships (WBC and WBO) by dominating his opponents. He’ll face up against yet another opponent he vastly outclasses.

Stevenson recently won a resounding win against Oscar Valdez, who had taken it to Conceicao the previous evening. Stevenson is a very skilled southpaw who has a wide range of options.

He has devastating counterpunching and attacking abilities and can injure opponents from their back foot. When he feels he has clipped an opponent and has them wobbling, he unleashes a flurry of lightning-fast combinations using his swift hands.

Expectations for Stevenson

This weekend, the 25-year-old champion will be competing in Newark, a city whose name he proudly displays on the shorts he wears between fights. He is going to be competing in front of a large audience in his hometown.

This is going to be an event that is planned to take place on a night that is quite memorable. In front of all of his devoted followers, Stevenson will do his best to put on a show.

Robson Conceicao Match Analysis

Although Conceicao was unsuccessful in his initial attempt to win a belt nearly exactly a year ago this week, he will now get the opportunity to compete for the title once again. His prior effort to accomplish this goal was fruitless.

He is well aware that not many people are given a second chance like this so soon after experiencing a loss. He intends to make the most of the opportunity that has been handed to him as a result of the fact that he has been given this second chance.

He is well aware that not many people are given a second chance like this so quickly after experiencing a loss.

Conceicao Advantages

The problem is that Stevenson is far superior in every respect. Conceicao does not possess sufficient power to truly be given a puncher’s chance. It means that for him to emerge triumphant this weekend.

He will need to actually be the best he ever will be. One of the highest accomplishments that a boxer could ever hope to achieve is to win an Olympic gold medal.

He became Brazil’s very first gold medallist in Olympic history. This next weekend in Newark, Conceicao has to make the most of his length advantage and his ability to counterpunch to stun the whole world.

Shakur Stevenson vs Robson Conceicao - Match Analysis and Predictions Post Ima

Stevenson vs Conceicao Boxing News

This fight between Shakur Stevenson and Robson Conceicao is an important one for Stevenson at this early stage in his career. Especially in front of his local audience, the fact that he was able to win against an Olympic gold winner will be a big notch in his belt.

Stevenson is the favourite to emerge victorious from this conflict. He continues to improve with each fight camp, and he is now prepared to go to the next level against a worthy adversary.

Match Odds: Stevenson

This next Friday night’s boxing match between Stevenson and Conceicao has Stevenson listed as a prohibitive favourite of -2000 over Conceicao.

The plan for Stevenson is to build up his left hand and then utilize his jab to knock Conceicao out of the fight. Because Conceicao is only a hair longer than he is, it will take him a few rounds to get a feel for his range.

Speed Advantage of Stevenson

The edge in speed is there, and it will be a challenging obstacle for Conceicao to overcome to emerge triumphant from this matchup.

Because the Stevenson Moneyline offers so poor value, a proposition bet is most likely the best option for a play during this week.

The likelihood of this boxing match lasting the distance is now listed at -186, which is a solid bet considering how tough and skillful Conceicao is.

Our Prediction: Stevenson vs Conceicao

Although the chances are against it, the battle between Shakur Stevenson and Robson Conceicao will be entertaining to watch. Because Conceicao has a great deal of pride as well as a great deal of talent, I feel that he will come prepared to battle.

I guess that it will take Stevenson a few rounds to figure out Conceicao’s range and begin to build up his combinations to strike him in the head and the body. It’s possible that Conceicao may start slowly as well, searching for chances to respond when Stevenson interacts.

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