Sean Strickland UFC Fighter Feels Unstable for Interviews

Sean Strickland UFC fighter feels unstable for interviews. After a recent recording with Brendan Schaub, the controversial UFC fighter Sean Strickland has said that he is “not stable enough” to participate in podcasts.

He made this remark after the fight. There is a divide among fight fans about Strickland, who is rated seventh in the middleweight division for the organization. Some fight fans like his bizarre outbursts, while others believe he takes things too far.

Social Media Outbursts Led to Suspensions

His outrageous presence on social media has resulted in several suspensions from Twitter and Instagram; his current return to both platforms marks his most recent attempt to engage with his legion of devoted followers.

He just finished recording an episode for the program Food Truck Diaries, which is hosted by comedian and ex-fighter Schaub; however, the whole show has not yet been distributed.

However, tiny portions of his shooting with the comedian’s Thiccc Boi network have been made public. In these films, he asserts that he had his first bout at the age of 15 as an unauthorized smoker, and he accuses sports authorities of “robbing” competitors.

Strickland stated in a post to his newest Instagram profile, which has just under 8,000 followers, that he had completed listening to a podcast hosted by Brendon Schaub. “I believe that this will be the final one that I complete.

My mental state is not strong enough for me to talk. After some time, I begin to support the idea of killing puppies.

There will be no future requests.” Later, on his Instagram page, Strickland posted a video in which he said: “You guys, I despise listening to podcasts.

I Can’t Stand Listening to Podcasts

I despise podcasts because as soon as I start talking, I become upset, my filter disappears, and I say things that are completely taken out of context.

 Podcasts drive me crazy!” Schaub mentioned Strickland in a post he wrote to promote the next podcast episode. In the post, he called Strickland a “posting a picture of the two of them along with the statement, “Finally got this savage on #FoodTruckDiaries.”

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Sean Strickland is making a strong showing here.” After suffering a devastating knockout loss to Alex Pereira in July, Strickland is scheduled to compete against Jared Cannonier on December 17.

Strickland’s opponent for this bout will be Jared Cannonier. The victor of the fight at UFC 276 was almost certain of getting a chance at world champion Israel Adesanya, and eventually, Pereira ended up booking a fight with the Nigerian immediately after the event concluded.

The fight is scheduled to take place on November 12.

Finishing Off This Discussion

The bout between the two was scheduled to take place on October 15, however, Strickland was forced to pull out only a few days after the match was announced because he had a terrible finger infection while preparing.

After cutting his finger on a sparring partner’s teeth, according to Strickland, the infection manifested itself quite rapidly. “You do realize that I just hit a guy in the face, right? It was mutually agreed upon, “he said in a video posted on Instagram.

“However, I struck his teeth, and now the tip of my finger has a terrible infection. Now I have to go have this thing washed out, and receive an antibiotic IV, and we won’t be able to look at it again until Monday.

After the infection showed no signs of abating, he drove himself to the nearest hospital, where he was informed by the medical staff that he would need surgery on his finger.

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