Robert Whittaker Thinks He’ll Fight Israel Adesanya Again

Even if he has not caught Israel Adesanya yet, Robert Whittaker is not giving up the chase. Robert Whittaker Thinks He’ll Fight Israel Adesanya Again. This past February at UFC 271, “The Reaper” fell to Adesanya in a rematch for the middleweight title. But he quickly got back on track with a dominant unanimous decision victory over top challenger Marvin Vettori at UFC Paris.

Robert Whittaker Thinks He’ll Fight Israel Adesanya Again

Currently ranked No. 2 at 185 pounds in MMA Fighting’s Global Rankings, Whittaker has won 13 of his last 15 bouts, with his lone defeat coming at the hands of “The Last Stylebender.”

Despite maintaining his status as the UFC’s top contender, Whittaker has said repeatedly that winning the title back is still his ultimate aim. On a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Whittaker remarked, “I’m seeking that championship shot.”

Anyone Ranks “C” or Above Me

What I am doing, I will keep doing, since that is the only way to proceed in the future. I am a sucker for development; all I want to do is in advance. The next level is where I want to be. Also, my next objective will be whoever has the letter “C” or higher than me in the rankings.

Given his two defeats to Adesanya, Whittaker’s claim that he is “the most dangerous guy in the middleweight division” in his post-fight address at UFC Paris aroused eyebrows. Adesanya has been under fire in recent months for uneventful title defenses.

But on The MMA Hour, Pettis said that he inflicts more harm on his opponents than Adesanya does. The most dangerous guy in the division, I am,” Whittaker boasted. “Izzy is the division champion; he also defeated me in our most recent bout. He is an excellent combatant.

However, I am the most lethal of men. Everyone in my group is vulnerable to me. In my last battle with Israel, I came within a whisker of destroying his whole empire. I am not simply winning because of the bouts I have been in and the opponents I have faced.

What I am doing is whipping them. It is important to note the distinction. What makes me so deadly is the fact that I am causing pain to these men. Because I do not simply want to win; I want to shatter whoever stands in my way.

Even though I am not much of a chatterbox, who is how my mind works when I enter the room. When I enter a room, I do not have any hopes of leaving alive. For this reason, I am responsible for the majority of my own injuries sustained in the octagon.

Whittaker Explains Adesanya’s Unexpected Popularity

It is exactly the way it is if you throw too many kicks or punches with no regard for your own safety. Whittaker attributes the public’s newfound appreciation for Adesanya more to the caliber of his opponents than to any strategic shifts on the part of the champion.

The way Israel fights are the same as it has always been, according to Whittaker. He is a model of defensive striking excellence, making excellent use of his physique and fighting style.

The only difference is that the men he is up against today are of far better caliber, making them more difficult to defeat. This is how he is always fought. He is always played it cautiously in battle. Thus, he becomes victorious. Ah, so that is what you are after.

Robert Whittaker Believes a Third Fight with Israel Adesanya will Happen Post Image

After beginning his UFC career at 170 pounds, Whittaker has hinted about stepping up to the 205-pound category. If he does make the move, he plans to retire from the sport at that weight.

He is now anticipating UFC 281, which takes place on November 12 and features Adesanya’s next championship defense against Alex Pereira. Whittaker is convinced that whatever the outcome, he will be considered a serious contender for the title.

Whittaker may have another chance at gold if Izzy is dethroned. To paraphrase, “I believe having that third clash with Israel will be a defining moment for that or whatever it is.” The third bout with Adesanya is “definitely” happening, he said.

Because I am simply speeding past everyone else, it would be foolish not to. Considering how the second bout ended, I can safely say that I have come closer than anybody else since he won the championship to reclaim it for myself.

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