Petr Yan Pushed Sean O’Malley Following UFC 280’s Press Conference

When Petr Yan and Sean O’Malley finally saw one another in person for the first time in preparation for their fight at UFC 280, things quickly got heated up between the two of them. The gathering took place in Las Vegas, which is located in Nevada.

Following The Official UFC 280 News Conference

After the formal press conference for UFC 280, which took place on Thursday, Yan and O’Malley got into a heated fight with one other after the event.

During the disagreement, Jon Anik functioned as the mediator. After approximately five seconds, Yan decided that he had had enough of having O’Malley in his face and delivered “Sugar” a two-handed shove to the chest.

Which prompted a strong reaction from the crowd in Abu Dhabi. This action also prompted Yan to make the decision that he had had enough of having O’Malley in his face.

Yan stepped off the stage while O’Malley, who was performing naked at the moment, proceeded to get the audience amped up. You can see how much effort Yan puts into his job by watching the video that is shown higher up on this page.

During the press conference, the combatants engaged in verbal jousting with one another and went back and forth with their arguments.

Yan’s response to O’Malley’s claims that he would “smash” Yan in their fight and that Yan is lying about his height was the finest example of trash-talking ever seen. O’Malley also claimed that Yan lied about his height.

Yan said that O’Malley is exaggerating his height in some way. Yan said that the question of a person’s height being relevant to the topic at hand was irrelevant. The second individual said to the first, “Just look at him, he’s like a whore standing by the roadside.”

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According To Rumors, Yan Stated That

Because it was so astute, even O’Malley could not help but chuckle at Yan’s one-liner and give credit to him for it because it was said to have been spoken by Yan.

O’Malley’s declaration that “That was great, that was fantastic” was his way of indicating that he was pleased with what had just been spoken.

Both competitors are vying for the opportunity to earn a shot at the bantamweight championship against the current champion, the identity of who will be determined by the outcome of the fight that will take place on Saturday between Aljamain Sterling and T.J. Dillashaw.

Both fighters are vying for the chance to earn a shot at the bantamweight championship. The United States of America will serve as the venue for the bout. Whoever emerges victorious from this fight will go on to challenge the reigning champion.

Yan, a previous undisputed and interim champion, is looking to regain his title after suffering a defeat at the hands of Sterling by a split decision at the UFC 273 event in April. Yan’s goal is to return to the top of the division.

The winners of the competition decided that Sterling deserved to take first place. “No Mercy” was kicked out of the octagon and disqualified from the championship fight at UFC 259 in March 2021 after striking Sterling with an illegal knee.

Sterling was the opponent for the bout. Despite this, he was successful in securing the interim title with a win by decision over Cory Sandhagen at UFC 267, which took place seven months after the first event.

Finishing Line

On the other hand, in O’Malley’s most recent bout, which was against Pedro Munhoz and took place at UFC 276 in July, the referee ruled that there was no winner in the fight due to an accidental eye poke that was committed by one of the combatants.

It is a pity that O’Malley was not able to pass what was meant to be his hardest test in the cage to this point, but the fight finished the way it did. O’Malley has not yet been defeated in any of the four most recent matches or contests in which he has participated.

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