PAT MINEO needs support. Pat Mineo believes that the wrestling community is more united than ever in anticipation of Bo Nickal and Dana White’s return to the Contender Series because of the statements made by a veteran of the UFC.

Following Nickal’s performance on DWCS, in which he chainsawed his way through Zachary Borrego, his popularity reached an all-time high. Even though he was not awarded a contract with the UFC, he was already the subject of much discussion about the organization.

 It is not out of the ordinary for Nickal to be the topic of conversation about his sport. Throughout his whole career, including this competition, he was known as the face of NCAA wrestling.

Pat Mineo Said He’s Every Fan’s Favorite And His Detractors’ Worst Nightmare

According to Pat Mineo of The Wrestling Room, not only was he the favorite wrestler of every fan, but he was also the greatest thorn in the side of his detractors. The same may be said of Nickal’s endeavors in mixed martial arts (MMA).

Fans from Iowa and Ohio State have been calling his opponents “bums,” while diehards from Penn State want him to fight middleweight champion Israel Adesanya before the end of the year. The thing that irritates Mineo the most is the fact that Nickal’s supporters in the NCAA should come together.

 He is no longer competing against the team that you support; rather, he is vying for the right to represent the sport that you devote your life to. Mineo said that there are many instances in which the community is unable to get out of their own way.

 “It is imperative that we demonstrate our support. Some members of the wrestling world are of the opinion that he has not competed against anybody. It’s like, “Wait a minute, why don’t you grasp the process? Let’s watch him be struck!” and it’s like, “Let’s see him get hit!”

 When he competes in the UFC and the rest of the wrestling community sees that he is still capable of knocking people out, I believe that the tide will turn with the rest of the wrestling community.

 If that happens, maybe they won’t say anything or they’ll say something like, “I’ve adored Bo Nickal ever since he was at Penn State!”

Conor Mcgregor Was Ireland’s Favorite MMA Fighter Before He Got Famous

When Conor McGregor became the most recognized name in mixed martial arts, Ireland did not have a split opinion on him, and as a consequence, every fighter from Ireland receives a second look as a result.

If fans of the NCAA showed their support for Nickal, it’s possible that more wrestlers who transition into fighters in the future may get the same treatment.

PAT MINEO Needs Support UFC FIGHT PASS Post Image

The ideal monkey wrench may have just been thrown into the situation, despite the fact that it is very improbable that the wrestling community, by itself, would ever put their academic allegiances to the side and come together.

Anthony Smith, a veteran of the UFC light heavyweight division and a fan favorite, has voiced his discontent with the extensive media attention that has surrounded Nickal since Nickal’s victory in the DWCS.

Smith said that the reason Bo Nickal engages in mixed martial arts is because he “wasn’t talented enough to join an Olympic team.

” Smith made this statement while appearing on Michael Bisping’s Believe You Me Podcast. The statement angered almost all of the more than 25,000 people who are members of Mineo’s page, and it has contributed to bringing the previously divided fanbase back together again.

Mineo Provided The Following Justification:

Mineo offered this explanation: “You observed a full-fledged defense of Bo.” You had a person named Anthony Smith mention that he is a big fan of NCAA wrestling, and you said sure. You’re simply a fan.

We get it. He is implying that he did not meet the requirements to be selected for the squad. My impression is that the wrestling community rallied behind Bo and supported him.

You seem to be a huge lover of NCAA wrestling, but when you talk about Olympic wrestling, freestyle, it’s clear that you have no idea what you’re talking about since it’s so incredibly different from NCAA wrestling.

It’s rather amusing. When an outsider speaks like that, everyone in the community rushes to their defense, even if they have been gossiping about each other between themselves.

The next location that matchmakers may seek for potential future stars is the NCAA National Championship if the wrestling community does, in fact, unite around Nickal as they did immediately after Smith’s remarks.

Who knows, given Nickal’s stature, hype, and confidence, as well as Smith’s “Lionheart” and stubbornness to run from a battle, a 205-pound match between the two isn’t totally out of the question.

Nickal has the physical advantage, and Smith has shown that he won’t back down from a fight.

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