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Mike Perry Challenges Nate Diaz To a Brawl. After finishing his contract with the UFC with a victory over Tony Ferguson at UFC 279. Diaz became one of the most sought-after commodities in the combat sports industry, a proven celebrity who can sell bouts and back up his comments inside the cage or ring.

Mike Perry Challenges Nate Diaz To a Brawl

Even while a boxing match against Jake Paul seems like the natural next step, Perry has other plans, and BKFC President Dave Feldman has already said that he is chasing Diaz to assess his interest in bare-knuckle fighting. The exec’s ideal battle would be against Perry.

Diaz Joining BKFC?

When questioned about Diaz possibly joining BKFC, Perry said, “My first instinctive thought was, I don’t know if that’s where he’s heading, where his ideals are.”

Because he wants to lead the show and teach others how to do it like [UFC President] Dana White or David Feldman, “he claimed he wants to go take over other sports.” But he also showed signs of having plenty of steam left, as seen by several of his comments.“

I believe he still wants to compete in some of the biggest battles of his career. He is drawn to boxing because it allows him to embrace and push himself. Since I also know he enjoys jiu-jitsu, I can’t say for sure whether he’d be enthusiastic about a bare-knuckle boxing match with me since, without jiu-jitsu, I doubt he’d give himself much of a chance.

Perry has adjusted well to bare-knuckle fighting, as seen by his first-round victory against The Ultimate Fighter veteran Julian Lane. In August, he made a call against Bellator star Michael “Venom” Page.

After five years in UFC, signing with BKFC

Inking a contract with BKFC after five years in the UFC, Perry was sure after his bout with Page that he had found a genuine home in a new sport. The fact that he’s one of BKFC’s highest-paid fighters only makes his demands for a bout with Diaz more vehement.

Perry said, “We’re talking about huge money.” “After a couple of bouts with bare-knuckle and Triller, my tax returns look like what the UFC fighters were paid the other night – the whole roster, on one show.

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This is serious cash. Any party concerned should see this as a genuine chance. The sport isn’t the only topic of discussion. So if you’re looking for some genuine s*** in your life, come grab some of this “Platinum” fire, because it’s real fighting and real money.

Perry thinks he and Diaz are quite similar, particularly in their fighting styles and the way they’ve endeared themselves to fans. Despite calling out the Stockton, California native in the UFC, Perry never made a personal attack.

He Wanted a Similar-Minded Opponent

He yearned for an opponent with similar motivations, someone who would force him to perform at his peak. According to Perry, “there’s a lot of respect there for Nate Diaz.” Fans have told me for years that they see similarities between myself and the Diaz brothers, who are also boxers. When we fight, we battle to the death.

When a winner has been determined, we can chat about chilling out instead of all that friendly stuff. There is no hostility here.

The same may be said of him; he’s a fierce competitor. Diaz’s long-term objective may be to fight Paul, and Perry has no objections to this since he demanded a similar bout following his victory against Page.

Perry loves the concept of a battle between Paul and Diaz, with the winner facing the YouTube star-turned-boxer. Paul is presently training to fight UFC icon, Anderson Silva, on October 29. If [Jake Paul] can beat Silva, then we should have the battle to determine who deserves that fight,” Perry remarked.

I’m not trying to call Silva out or anything after the Jake Paul fight (if he wins), but I do want the fights I deserve, which means taking on the top fighters in the world right now.

Together, Nate Diaz and I have a total of. The victor of that bout should be allowed to face either Jake Paul or Anderson Silva (no disrespect intended toward the GOAT). Perry is mostly concerned with the fact that Diaz is listening.

Many opportunities may come his way, but for the outspoken 31-year-old boxer, there will be none more fan-friendly than this. Now that I’ve called him out, Perry hopes that he’ll attempt to silence him.

Finishing Off The Discussion

We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry gets in the ring with someone because that fight is what the fans and I have been waiting for. I’m looking for the toughest opponents I can find.

Those who are up for the challenge of making things clear. Don’t freak out, Nate Diaz, dude. I know you have plenty of gas left in the tank, and going bare-knuckle is a formidable test and an exciting prospect for us both. If we want to please the crowd, I propose a bare-knuckle bout between you and myself.

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