Michael Bisping Questions Kevin Holland’s Retirement [He’s Young]

Michael Bisping questions Kevin Holland’s retirement. Kevin Holland’s resignation from MMA isn’t convincing Michael Bisping. Holland hinted at his impending retirement from MMA in an Instagram post on Thursday.

Retirement would be a surprising turn of events for Holland, who is still just in his early 30s and a rising star in the UFC, but Bisping is skeptical. When asked about it, Bisping stated, “That’s bulls***,” on his Believe You Me podcast.

Michael Bisping Questions Kevin Holland’s Retirement

That’s utter hogwash. Known as the “Boxer of the Year” for 2020, Kevin Holland is a fantastic fighter and a household name. He’s popular, wealthy, and wants to acquire a lot of flashy things, like gold and jewelry, since he’s in his prime at the moment.

His Resignation Letter Didn’t Utilize the Atari 2600 Font

If he were leaving, he wouldn’t use the same typeface as the Atari 2600 video game console in his resignation letter. Seriously, what kind of typeface is that?! Not. He is not the kind to announce his retirement using a typeface from a ZX Spectrum.

He is a highly fashionable man. I guess that he has no plans to retire. Where he’s going with it, I have no idea. This is something that fighters do. As everyone knows, Conor McGregor is notoriously consistent in doing so. He jokes about it all the time.

This happened twice to Diaz. This time, it’s for real; Jon Jones has succeeded. Several high-profile fighters have teased retirements in recent years, often during contract talks; although it’s conceivable that Holland is doing the same thing, Bisping gave another motive for the post: Khamzat Chimaev’s recent victory against Holland.

Chimaev submitted Holland at UFC 279 without Holland landing a single blow, and based on the way the match unfolded, the UFC Hall of Famer speculates that Holland may have finally accepted his fate as a subordinate fighter.

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Perhaps “he’s going through a moment of despair right now,” Bisping said, “when you lose a fight, and it was a major battle with a lot of focus on it,” against a guy like Khamzat Chimaev. “Perhaps he’s deflated; that’s a better term for it.

Perhaps he went out there and faced Khamzat and was like wow.” because he is a wonderful fighter with a lot of potentials. Perhaps he’s simply doing some introspective thinking about why he ‘rag-dolled me like that,’ which is fair to say is what occurred.

Bisping Knows the Industry’s Highs and Lows

Who can say? Yet I have experienced it firsthand. Lots of warriors have dry spells. Having endured several career failures before ultimately breaking through to capture the middleweight championship at UFC 199, Bisping has a unique understanding of the highs and lows of the professional fighting industry.

Thus, if this is really the situation in Holland right now, Bisping has some words of wisdom for “Big Mouth.” There is always uncertainty, but Bisping reassures his fighters, “You’ve got two alternatives.”

One may state, “I’m not good enough. I have decided to leave. I’m leaving and finding something else to do with my life. Or you may respond, “Right, OK, I’ve got stuff to do.” I know I’m lacking in certain ways, but I’m determined to make up for it.

This is where my strengths lie. This is what I was created to do, this is what I am intended to be.’ And the lessons you take away from defeats are invaluable. What a f****** cliché, I tell you.

We often speak about how you can grow from your mistakes, and that’s because it’s true. Perhaps he’s not joking around. Perhaps he is having self-doubts and said something on a whim.

True motivation is the only thing that will get you there. And it’s not the victories that make you who you are; it’s the defeats, and how you pick yourself back up.

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