Marlon Vera Says Aljamain Sterling Won UFC 280 Fairly

Marlon Vera says Aljamain Sterling won UFC 280 fairly. While Marlon Vera may not like Aljamain Sterling’s company, he does appreciate his fighting ability.

At UFC 280, Sterling defended his bantamweight championship and won through second-round submission against previous two-time champion T.J. Dillashaw.

Post-Fight, The Champion Used Schoolyard Slurs

In the post-fight interview, the champion resorted to his arsenal of playground insults, stating he’d be happy to square off against “Henry Ce-Doo Doo,” “Sugart***” Sean O’Malley, or “Marlon Cheetos Doritos Vera.”

Some individuals were offended by Sterling’s words since they weren’t his best promotional effort. Though Vera wasn’t caught off guard, she did see them coming.

Vera said to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, “I know, but the guy’s a weirdo.” There is no one he can talk to, therefore he is constantly on his own. The man doesn’t stand out at all. It is what it is, however.

When you don’t have any character, you have to resort to such measures. You can’t even make a joke to yourself without him getting the belt and sounding off again. This is the most tragic aspect of the individual.

You’ve been awarded the belt. Put another way, “Take a look at how content and certain I am with myself. Not only am I not the leading candidate, but I am not even in the top two.

It’s only because you’re in a wonderful situation in life; I don’t even have a No. 1 next to me or the belt. Perhaps he isn’t the man you think he is.”

The contentious nature of Sterling’s championship bid might be a contributing factor to his lack of self-assurance if he suffers from it. In his debut bout, he defeated Petr Yan via disqualification and made history as the first fighter in UFC history to do so.

The following year, after again bringing home a split decision, UFC President Dana White almost immediately claimed the judges “blew that one.” After that, his defense against Dillashaw was compromised by the fact that Dillashaw had a serious injury going into the fight.

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Vera Praised Sterling’s Latest Win

However, Vera insisted that Sterling deserved all the praise after his most recent victory.

It was a fantastic battle, Vera added. Aljamain has had nothing stolen from him. There was nothing unfair about his victory. Despite his wounds, T.J. arrived prepared to fight. He would be hailed as a hero right now if he could pull it off, but sh*t happens.

He dislocated his shoulder, which was unfortunate, but the champion held the title, so everything was OK. Who the f*** cares if your shoulder, nose, or hair falls out? Overall, the bout was a clear victory for him.

Victory at whatever cost is paramount, and it seems that Sterling may have ignited an unexpectedly heated rivalry between himself and Vera. Since Vera’s championship defense, he and Sterling have been at one other’s throats verbally, and Vera would want nothing more than to settle the score.

Right after the fight, he called me out, Vera claimed. Simply said, he was talking a lot of trash about T.J., right?

Pre-Fight, He Speaks EPO And Medications

He talks a big game before the fight, about EPO and drugs and blah blah blah, but then he says, “I respect you,” and it seems like he’s practically sucking his d***, so who are you? You’re either genuine, a jerk, or a decent man. Choose a side, would ya?

To be honest, I don’t try to impress anybody. After a disagreement, I’m not trying to be your best buddy, but I’m also not trying to put you down, so I state what I’m thinking and feeling about you and what I want to do to you.

Whatever the outcome, win, lose, or draw. It’s been like that since I first started. I always tell it as it is. On Saturday night, the person explicitly tweeted at me, calling me out, and it’s not something I’m likely to forget.

What a strange person he is. I don’t give a f*** about him since he has no character, is as dull as a tomato, and can’t tell a joke. I’m going to make sure he remembers me if we ever meet again.

Never assume that Vera is underestimating Sterling just because he feels he has what it takes to dethrone the champion. Although Vera may not give “The Funk Master” much credit for his character, “Chito” recognizes that he poses a significant threat.

Vera said, “He has the belt, it’s as easy as that.” “He has outstanding grappling for the category, and he’s huge for the division. Even though he’s heard a lot of criticism about his punching, he continues to give every punch he has.

He’s got a lot of kicks, and a lot of other stuff like that he throws. Adesanya’s hitting isn’t his strongest suit, but he has that ability. People may overlook their aggressive intentions and instead choose to rest on the fact that such individuals often seem foolish and s***.

Finishing Line

Every one of these individuals is potentially harmful, and I know it. I will be prepared for him or anybody else who may cross my path. I, however, can promise you that I will win the UFC bantamweight title.

Anytime. Now, next year, or whenever the UFC decides to break out, the time is.

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