Mads Burnell vs Pedro Carvalho Betting Analysis and Prediction

Mads Burnell vs Pedro Carvalho Evaluation and Forecasting of Betting This week’s Bellator 285 event in Dublin has an impressive lineup of fighters and bouts.

A featherweight bout between Mads Burnell (16-4) and Pedro Carvalho, who has previously challenged for the belt, is scheduled to take place on the main bill (12-6). Check the chances of Burnell taking on Carvalho.

Bellator’s Fighters’ Previous Scoreboards

After suffering a defeat at the hands of Adam Borics in the form of a decision back in March of this year, Mads Burnell is looking to rebound. After suffering a defeat in his most recent bout against Piotr Niedzielski in May of this year, Pedro Carvalho is also working hard to get his career back on track.

Mads Burnell Match Analysis

Denmark’s Mads Burnell is a promising young fighter who has already competed for many notable organizations although he is still relatively new to the sport.

He competed for a short time in the UFC and Cage Warriors, but Bellator is where he is truly beginning to establish his footing as a mixed martial artist.

After suffering a crushing defeat, he will seek to regain his momentum and begin positioning himself to challenge for the featherweight championship as soon as possible.

It will be a fantastic test to see how well he can compete with the best fighters in the category since he will be going up against a competitor who just competed for a championship.

Burnell’s Skills

Burnell possesses extremely smooth boxing, with consistent forward pressure, and an excellent instinct for ending bouts on the ground.

He has a wonderful knack for finishing fights. Every time someone attempts to take him down, they put themselves in harm’s way since he has a very effective anaconda choke and other front chokes as well.

Pedro Carvalho Match Analysis

Carvalho’s mixed martial arts career has been fraught with highs and lows. He has a long winning streak and should be a championship contender in the Bellator featherweight category, but he keeps losing in the biggest matches.

Carvalho’s Issue

He is an accomplished grappler who can score takedowns and mix in damaging body kicks that have harmed several of his opponents. The only problem is that there are times in the cage when he doesn’t appear to be paying attention or is keen.

Carvalho nearly seemed unaware of the lethal potential in Pitbull’s hands when they met. He stood before him, hands down, and gulped down many shots.

The same scenario happened when he fought Jay Wilson; he was hit by a reckless spinning back punch at the beginning of round 2 and lost by technical knockout.

Odds Breakdown

Bellator odds for the favourite, Mads Burnell, started at -300, but as fight week approaches, he has risen to -450. Carvalho is making his debut in front of his new supporters in Dublin, where he has set up camp and is putting in his training.

Burnell vs Carvalho: Our Preview

Since Burnell has so little value on the Moneyline, it is difficult to gamble on or make Bellator selections involving him and Carvalho. Burnell is the superior combatant, but his choice does not provide enough value to warrant trust.

There is a lot more money to be made in the Burnell vs. Carvalho odds if you put some thought into your wager and make a play on a prop bet or a manner of winning.

Carvalho has shown far too much apathy and inattention in previous battles to have any faith in him now. These are the kinds of men who will truly damage him on the feet.

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Burnell vs Carvalho Matchup Odds

Oddsmakers in the mixed martial arts betting market put the possibility of a draw at -130. Both players are rugged and unlikely to put themselves in harm’s way in this scenario, making it an intriguing play to study.

If you want to wager on the outcome based on the kind of victory, the best current Bellator odds are on a decision win for Burnell (+150) or a submission win for Burnell (+350).

Unless you detect anything in Carvalho that can win the fight, you’ll need to go creative and trust your instincts if you want to discover genuine value in a bout like this.

Our Predictions: Burnell vs Carvalho

Carvalho is a past title candidate who has spent a substantial amount of time inside the top five of the Bellator featherweight division rankings throughout a previous couple of years. These rankings are based on fights that took place at a weight class of 145 pounds.

When Burnell fights Carvalho in the ring on Friday night, the chances suggest that Burnell will come out on top as the more skilled competitor. This is the realization that one might have after seeing the fight between Burnell and Carvalho.

Finishing Off This Discussion

I feel that Burnell will be too much for Carvalho to handle inside the ring with the pressure he applies and the slick boxing he displays. If Carvalho begins to take damage, he will attempt a lazy takedown, which will result in him being sprawled on and eventually being strangled out.

If not that, then I could see Burnell winning by technical knockout in an overpowering manner. Burnell will win by submission, according to Bellator’s pick (+350).

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