Khamzat Chimaev Fight: Bo Nickal Is a Smaller Underdog Than Nate Diaz

Nickal, a brand-new fighter on the roster of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has made it very apparent that he believes he is prepared to face Chimaev as soon as humanly feasible.

Even though he has only participated in three professional mixed martial arts (MMA) bouts to this point in his career, he has achieved this result. Nickal is a fighter who fights for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Update on Nickal’s Next Match

Nickal’s first bout in mixed martial arts is scheduled to take place on December 10, 2022, at UFC 282 against Jamie Pickett, who is widely regarded as being among the most talented competitors in the middleweight division.

On the other hand, the line that the oddsmakers have devised for a fictitious fight with “Borz” is already in place. In a fight that will take place in the future, it was disclosed today, Tuesday, October 4, 2022, by BestFightOdds that Nickal will start as a +330 underdog against Chimaev, who is now positioned as a +400 favorite. Chimaev will be taking on Nickal.

To put this into perspective, Chimaev was supposed to face Nate Diaz at UFC 279. However, the bout was postponed and will now take place at a later date. Even though Diaz was the underdog throughout the match, his odds reached as high as +700 at one point.

After completing with a score of -1200, Chimaev’s participation in the competition came to an end. Chimaev has fought in several bouts at 185 pounds throughout his career; nevertheless.

He is now rated No. 3 in the Welterweight class, which places him behind the highly regarded Nickal. Chimaev has competed in multiple bouts at 185 pounds. Throughout his career, Chimaev has competed in bouts in both of these weight divisions.

Khamzat Chimaev Fight Bo Nickal Is a Smaller Underdog Than Nate Diaz Post Image

Chimaev’s Weight Class Is In Doubt

As a direct result of the Diaz scramble that was described earlier, Chimaev’s immediate weight class has been put into doubt. Because he weighed in at a figure that was 7.5 pounds higher than 170 pounds.

This is a direct consequence of the fact that the Diaz scramble was described before. After that, Chimaev faced up against Kevin Holland in a Catchweight match at 180 pounds. He won the fight against “Loud Mouth” by submitting him in the first round with a d’arce choke in the manner in which he is most frequently dominating.

The triumph of Chimaev was a direct result of the events that were outlined in the previous paragraph. It is not hard to recognize the similarities that exist between Chimaev and Nickal considering that they both come from wrestling and grappling backgrounds, respectively.

The similarities between the two men are not hard to discern. These two sportsmen have faced off against one another in a combined total of 15 mixed martial arts battles throughout their careers, and neither of them has ever been beaten in any of those contests.

It was only recently disclosed that Chimaev is interested in engaging in combat with Colby Covington; however, it is not yet known in which division Chimaev will continue to compete in the future.

Finishing Off This Discussion

In any event, the answer to this query is still a mystery at this point. Chimaev has relocated to the Light Heavyweight class to compete in the sport.

Because he is now rated so highly, it would be the only fight at welterweight that would make sense for him other than a crack at the championship. Other than that, he would need to go for the title. The only other battle would be a chance at the belt, which would be the only remaining option.

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