Kamaru Usman’s Manager Confirms a London Fight with Leon Edwards

Kamaru Usman’s manager confirms a London fight with Leon Edwards. Kamaru Usman is ready to defend his UFC welterweight championship title in a battle that might take place in a hostile atmosphere so that he can win back the belt and become the welterweight champion again.

Ali Abdelaziz of Dominance MMA, who is Usman’s manager, revealed to ESPN on Tuesday that his client has asked for a trilogy battle with champion Leon Edwards in London. The fight would take place in London. The battle would be held in the city of London.

Jamaican-Born Boxer Edwards Lives in England.

Edwards is a boxer who was born in Jamaica but now lives in England, while Usman was born in Nigeria but has been a resident of the United States for a long length of time.

Edwards was born in Jamaica, and Usman was born in Nigeria, although he currently resides in England. According to Abdelaziz, the much-anticipated bout will most likely take place at the beginning of 2023, maybe in March.

When Abdelaziz spoke about Usman, he alluded to him by stating, “He asked.” The competitor said, “I promise everything, he told [UFC president] Dana White, ‘I want to fight this dude in London.”

I want to get into a fight with this individual in London. Edwards knocked off Usman with a head kick knockout that caught the spectators by surprise with just a minute remaining to go in their title fight at UFC 278 in August.

UFC Welterweight Champion Is Now Edwards

The event took place in August. Edwards won the UFC welterweight title with a knockout win, even though Usman had the upper hand for the duration of the fight and was the clear favorite.

At the time of UFC 278, Usman was largely considered the best fighter in the world at his weight class. He was also the heavy favorite to win the fight against Edwards, whom Usman had previously defeated but never while holding the title of champion.

Abdelaziz said that Usman, not Edwards, would pick the site of the fight and that the UFC would choose the schedule of the match. Edwards would not be involved in the decision-making process.

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According to Abdelaziz, Usman is still the better fighter even though Edwards now has the belt. This is based on their last matchup. Also, the management believes that Usman would do better than Edwards in terms of fan support in London because of his African heritage.

They believe that he will do better than Edwards. “It doesn’t matter,” Abdelaziz continued. “This adversary is going to take a hammering at the hands of Kamaru. Once every 150 years, he would get a swift kick in the proverbial pants. In addition to that, he felt a thrill from it.

Your congratulations are in order, and with that out of the way, let’s go on.” Edwards has improved his record to 20-3 with one no-contest since losing to Usman in 2015. During this winning streak, Edwards has not been beaten in any of his past 11 fights.

Finishing Off This Discussion

Before his fight against Edwards, Usman had a record of 20-2 and had won 15 straight fights in the UFC, which was one win shy of the record for the company.

However, he was defeated by Edwards and his record dropped to 20-2. According to Abdelaziz, things will turn out differently “in March.”

“At some point in time, the king will make his return.”

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