Jiri Prochazka Fasted for 3 Days to Confront Demons

Jiri Prochazka, the current king of the light heavyweight division in the UFC, continues to push his limits to get himself into fighting shape. Most recently, he spent three days in a dark room to train his mind.

According to what Prochazka shared with The MMA Hour, he is a huge advocate of meditation and took things up a level by eliminating all forms of sensory stimulation and food from the confined area.

That is All in Darkness for Three Days

There you can deal with your demons and train anything you want,” said Prochazka. That’s all-in darkness for three days.” At UFC 282, he will defend his belt against Glover Teixeira in a rematch. I do not want to speak about a lot of things since a lot of them are personal to me.

A photo that the light-heavyweight champion took on his travels in his adopted home city of Brno, which is located in the Czech Republic, was shared online earlier this month.

Sensory deprivation tanks are becoming more common all over the globe. Joe Rogan, a longtime analyst for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), is an ardent enthusiast for the practice and just acquired a chamber for his home.

In most cases, participants spend little more than an hour or two in total darkness and stillness; they do not go days without food and have no idea what time it is.

That is Where the Most Excitement Lies

you have to make it to the point when time runs out, and I have no idea what happens after that. Prochazka said that the reason these items are so sacred to her is that the experience is “not intense.”

a devoted student of the Bushido code, which is a philosophical approach to martial arts. Prochazka is known for embracing unorthodox methods of training for mixed martial arts (MMA), such as when he once described using a tree as a hitting target.

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In a sport where superstition and mysticism often come into conflict with one another, sensory deprivation is not the most uncommon technique. Prochazka, on the other hand, displays his individualism in a manner that is more outspoken.

Prochazka has said that during his everyday practice of martial arts, he meditates to train his mind so that he can remain calm even while engaged in intense combat. Things just are more dramatic when seen in the dark.

He Saw It As Being of Great Assistance

You are the only one in the room. There were no other folks. That was the first time I had gone that long without eating anything. Therefore, just with water. When you are fasting, its effects become more pronounced. Every process in your body is operating at a far higher level of efficiency. You have a lot going on in your head, and unfortunately, you have to pass away here first.

And three days or four days is not an exceptionally long time at all. But I am just utilizing it so that I may better understand who I am. After that, I will be able to start training and pushing myself to the next level in a manner that is more authentic to who I am.

Recent events have resulted in Prochazka shedding another emblem of his martial heritage. The iconic samurai hairstyle is adored by a substantial number of his followers. He said that because of his new position, he was required to begin a fresh chapter in his life.

Finishing Words

Even though a decision victory against Teixeira earned him the title of champion, the current holder of that belt has said that he intends to improve his performance at UFC 282.

He imagines himself standing next to his UFC belt, the gold of which has a really pleasant sensation. However, the additional processes are an enhancement to the primary task at hand.

I am collaborating with it just for this purpose, but even so, the belt is just the belt, and what I have to accomplish is what is most essential, he remarked. This is a war that I have to win.

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