Jake Paul Shouts Nate Diaz Insults Dana White Backstage

Jake Paul shouts Nate Diaz insults Dana White backstage. With his Saturday night victory against UFC great Anderson Silva, Jake Paul made quite a statement, but he has wasted no time in looking forward to his next opponent.

After A Confrontation Onstage, Paul Had Other Plans

Paul, a 25-year-old social influencer-turned-fighter, had other intentions when an argument backstage caught his interest after the event. During the broadcast, Tommy Fury was discussed as a possible next move for the boxer.

According to Paul, Nate Diaz “was here behaving like a b****” during the press conference after the PPV bout on Saturday. They all desire that battle. He engaged in hallway brawling. Nate, please quit picking unnecessary fights.

What the heck, let’s settle this in the ring. I know you move at a snail’s pace, but it’s OK, we can still have that argument.

Several videos surfaced during the event showing Diaz and his crew interacting with Paul’s team members before security intervened. Diaz smacked a member of Paul’s crew before the two factions were separated, averting a brawl.

Paul, who improved to 6-0 in boxing with the victory over Silva, didn’t learn about the incident until after his fight, but it seems Diaz has risen to the top of his hit list.

“I haven’t watched the footage and I didn’t know what occurred,” Paul stated. A fight broke out on my squad, that much I know. At the time, I didn’t realize it, but later I found out. He always does that.

That’s just what he enjoys doing. He’s a criminal with a life on the streets. He enjoys seeming to be tougher than he is. Why are you attempting to start a fight with a stranger in the hallway?

Diaz was a visitor and came to express his support for teammate and good buddy Chris Avila, who fought and won a landslide decision against YouTube personality Dr. Mike Varshavski in the main card’s first battle.

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After Defeating Tony Ferguson, Diaz’s UFC Contract Terminated

Diaz’s UFC contract expired after his September victory over Tony Ferguson, and he has since announced his intention to pursue a career in free agency.

The prospect of facing off against Paul has always piqued his interest, and it looked that this fight was becoming closer to fruition.

While much of Paul’s focus was on Diaz, UFC President Dana White was also a target of the outspoken fighter.

Paul and White have been publicly feuding for several years, and the Ohioan recently took things to a new level, perhaps trying to provoke the UFC chief into action.

Paul once again hinted at intentions to form a fighters’ union after criticizing UFC pay methods. As part of their bet before the fight, Paul and Silva agreed that Silva would help Paul form an organization that would advocate for fairer treatment of athletes in combat sports.

Inquiringly: “Dana? Dana?” Dana?” Says Paul. You claimed I wouldn’t do it, yet here I am, with a perfect score. At the moment, he is untraceable. He’s doing all he can to ruin my bouts and put an end to my streak. He despises me.

What I’m doing infuriates him. He is really upset that I am revealing his company’s secrets.

Finishing Line

All mixed-martial-arts and boxing fighters may now benefit from our coming together to form a unified fighters’ union that will advocate for increased fighter pay and improved healthcare benefits.

I’ve wanted to do something like that my whole career since I met my business partner Nakisa Bidaria. This is something I told him on the first day. A group of us combatants needs to get together and form a union. Therefore, Dana White can suck this d***.

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