Islam Makhachev Discusses Alexander Volkanovski Before UFC 280

Islam At the moment, Makhachev does not spend a lot of time thinking about Alexander Volkanovski, who is the champion of the UFC featherweight division, but that might change very shortly.

Who Has Not Lost in His Last Ten Bouts

Makhachev, who is currently on a 10-fight winning streak, is getting ready to face Charles Oliveira in the main event of UFC 280.

Makhachev is aware that Volkanovski will serve as a replacement in the fight if anything goes wrong in the days leading up to the event. Oliveira is a Brazilian mixed martial artist.

In addition to this, UFC President Dana White has said that it “makes sense” that Volkanovski would earn the next championship chance although it does not depend on the outcome of the event that will take place on Saturday.

After seeing Volkanovski earlier in the week, Makhachev did not seem to be very pleased by Volkanovski’s status. Makhachev’s comments support this interpretation.

As long as the championship is still up for grabs, though, he doesn’t appear to give a hoot about who is on the other side of the ring from him. During the media day for UFC 280, Makhachev shared his thoughts, saying, “Honestly, I met Volkanovski downstairs — he’s a little man.”

I inquire of him, “Why do you feel the need to reduce your weight right now?” But even if I win against Volkanovski, people are going to say things like “you won against a weaker opponent,” and people will never stop talking.

I want to fight Charles right now, and I’m crossing my fingers that he’ll be able to make weight. But it doesn’t matter. Because I have worked so hard to prepare for this camp, it does not matter who is going to be there.

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Oliveira Underate For His Match Against Justin Gaethje

I need assistance on Saturday evening.” Despite Oliveira missing weight before his last fight against Justin Gaethje, which resulted in Makhachev losing the UFC lightweight championship.

 Makhachev did not show a great deal of anxiety about whether or not Oliveira would be able to reach the 155-pound threshold.

Even if Makhachev does not believe Oliveira to be the greatest fighter in the world, he still sees Oliveira as the champion in the division, which means that the title will be up for grabs in the main event of UFC 280, even though it is technically a vacant championship.

Makhachev said that while he was a champion, he needed to set a positive example for all of the other competitors. “He is required to act professionally. I hope that he will be successful in gaining weight this time.

He currently holds the title of champion. Although at the moment he has the title, I do not believe that he is the finest lightweight fighter. I am well aware that this is my time right now. Even at this moment, I feel confident in saying that I am the greatest lightweight in the world.

Oliveira has trampled all over the greatest lightweights in the world during his current run, which includes 11 wins in a row and 10 finishes along the road. These triumphs include consecutive victories in bouts against Gaethje, Dustin Poirier, and Michael Chandler.

Oliveira’s supremacy is underscored by the fact that he possesses a comprehensive MMA arsenal, yet the skill at which he excels most is grappling, and he holds the record for the most submission victories in the history of the UFC.

Makhachev vows he will seek out the opportunity to demonstrate that he is the superior grappler on the ground, even though many of Makhachev’s previous opponents have gone out of their way to avoid grappling exchanges with Oliveira.

Finishing Off This Discussion

Makhachev will face Oliveira. Makhachev said, “No one will be able to stop my wrestling.” “I’m going to do my job. I am going to proceed in the same manner at all times. Bring your opponent to the ground, keep them there, and wear them out before putting an end to the fight.

“This is my mission to finish him on the ground since I have to demonstrate to all people my grappling level.”

Makhachev would happily give Volkanovski all of his focus if the fight between the two of them ends up being the first title defense that Makhachev is required to make if he is successful in becoming the UFC lightweight champion.

Makhachev is excited about the possibility of defeating Volkanovski on his native soil as the UFC makes plans to return to Perth, Australia in February.

“Why don’t you? Yes [I’ll fight Volkanovski in Australia],” Makhachev remarked. “At one point in my life, I traveled to Australia. I can go again. “

It seems like we’re in for a tough battle here. It is always a major battle and a highly fascinating match for all spectators whenever the champion from one division faces off against the champion from another division.

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