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George Kambosos vs. Devin Haney Fight Results : Devin Haney has defeated George Kambosos via an amicable decision to become the first undisputed featherlight champion in the four-belt period.

The American controlled the bout, primarily thanks to his poke, in front of a rumbustious
, the pro-Kambosos crowd at Melbourne’s Marvel Stadium.
Kambosos did have some moments that got the suckers on their bases, but it was a Haney clinic for the utmost part.

The poke, the counters, the head movement. It all proved too important for Kambosos to overcome as he could not get any instigation going in the offense.
After the decision was read out, Kambosos tête-à-tête handed over his belts to the 23- time-old arising megastar.

George Kambososvs. Devin Haney results
George Kambososvs. Devin Haney
Haney wins via amicable decision( 116- 112 x2, 118- 10)


Stay tuned for round-by-round updates and our unofficial scorecard.
Round 12 A close round to finish off as Kambosos pours it on. Haney avoids most power shots, but Kambosos edges it on our cards. 10- 9 Kambosos( 118- 110 Haney)

Round 11 Kambosos can not get close frequently enough. Haney is controlling the fight with his poke. Only a cessation will be enough for Kambosos on the 12th. 10- 9 Haney( 109- 100)
Round 10, Kambosos appears to be stepping up the pressure, but Haney manages to time his entries with counter-hooks and stiff dabs. This has been an extremely emotional performance so far. 10- 9 Haney( 99- 91 Haney)

Round 9, Haney lands a slick counter-lead uppercut and a 1- 2 shortly after. Kambosos is going nowhere and finds some joy with an overhand right, but Haney eats it no problem. 10- 9 Haney( 89- 82 Haney)
Round 8 Thepro-Kambosos crowd is going wild as the round homestretches, but Haney takes it again. A big right hand shortly wobbles Kambosos, but he fights back explosively to get Marvel Stadium’s attention. It might be time to take some pitfalls if Kambosos is to turn it around. 10- 9 Haney( 79- 73 Haney)


In round 7, Haney’s poke proves the biggest factor in the fight. Kambosos is as game as ever and throws plenitude of punches when they get close, but Haney remains fugitive. Kambosos landed a nice short right beforehand on. 10- 9 Haney( 69- 64 Haney)
Round 6 is Close, but Haney has a slight speed advantage and is beating Kambosos to the punch. The Aussie is by no means out of it but may need to mix up the game plan. 10- 9 Haney( 59- 55 Haney)

Round 5 is further the same in the fifth as he lands his stylish punch so far, an uppercut with his lead left hand. Kambosos was suitable to get into range on several occasions but could not land anything significant. 10- 9 Haney( 49- 46 Haney)
Round 4 Another nice round for the caller. His poke keeps Kambosos at bay, and when he gets into range, his head movement gets him out of trouble. 10- 9 Haney( 39- 37 Haney)

Round 3 Haney takes the third courtesy of his poke wharf constantly. The American finds the target with a left hook on the break. 10- 9 Haney( 29- 28 Haney)
Round 2 is veritably close. Kambosos lands the most significant punch of the fight when he catches Haney coming in with a right hand. A left hook late seals it for Kambosos on our card. 10- 9 Kambosos( 19- 19)

Round 1 After a patient launch, Haney lands many jobs but nothing flush. Kambosos attempts to time his poke with many flurries of his own but nothing clean lands. 10- 9 Haney

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