Dana White ‘Blown Away’ By 17-Year-Old UFC Fighter Raul Rosas Jr.

In a hurry, whatever may have unsettled Dana White’s mind regarding Raul Rosas Jr. was put to rest. After defeating Mando Gutierrez in the promotion’s Contender Series on Tuesday night,

Fighter Dana White Blown Away By Fighter Raul Rosas Jr.

The youthful prodigy, who is just 17 years old, signed a contract to compete for the Ultimate Fighting Championship and became the youngest fighter in UFC history. White said that he walked into the event with some doubts about outright signing Rosas Jr.

UFC President Saw A Performance And Dispelled Any Fears

He was born in October of 2004, but those worries were blown out of the water when the UFC president observed a performance. The UFC president felt to be far above Rosas Jr.’s years. “I was very astounded by how he handled himself throughout this altercation, considering he is just 17 years old.

“I’m blown away,” White remarked at the post-fight news conference that took place in the evening. “Based on what I have just seen, this young man is more than prepared to compete in the UFC.”

Rosas Jr., who was competing in the night’s co-main event, outworked, out grappled, and eventually outclassed Gutierrez, who was 25 years old and had an impressive record of 7-1 coming into the fight.

The young man displayed a flashy and exciting style as he won all three rounds on the scorecards of the judges. He won the first round with a slick Suloev stretch attempt, and he won the second round with a takedown off a beautiful faked flying knee.

In the third round, he won with a takedown off a beautiful faked flying knee. In the end, Rosas Jr. turned in a performance that was so impressive that it raised eyebrows. He improved his perfect record to 6-0 while maintaining the calm and composure of a seasoned fighter who was almost twice his age.

White commented on Rosas Jr.’s disposition and added, “That’s one of the things that struck me the most.” “And I just adored how energetic he was. He is not the kind of person who does jiu-jitsu but otherwise does nothing except lounge about and watches TV.

How Well He Works Behind The Scenes?

He is constantly trying to get something, and it’s amazing how smoothly he pulls things off behind the scenes. How he will escape after you have his back is a question. Everything that young man accomplished today, but notably his cardio, left me in awe, and I was impressed.

There was never a period when his adrenaline level dropped to the point that he seemed fatigued. There was never a moment when we weren’t engaged in a fierce battle with both of those guys.” When considering an athlete of Rosas Jr.’s age.

It is reasonable to question whether or not signing a deal with the UFC is too much, too soon. In the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), there are very few fighters, if any at all, that are considered to be easy opponent. This is particularly true in the 135-pound weight class.

Dana White ‘Blown Away’ By 17-Year-Old UFC Fighter Raul Rosas Jr. Post Image

To that point, White has confessed that he isn’t sure yet about the promotion’s matchmaking strategy for allowing the bantamweight prospect to climb the ladder gradually; yet, he is still sold on the notion of what Rosas Jr. may become.

White made light of the situation when he said, “We definitely shouldn’t fight him in Vegas for a bit – he’d be bored as hell here.” “He would be required to be confined to his room the whole time. On the other hand, I can’t help but be blown away by this youngster.

He is in a class all by himself. It’s remarkable the number of warriors that were blowing me up and saying things like, “Oh my God, this kid’s for real, this kid’s genuine.” If you’re looking for a location to “raise a young fighter gently,” this is not that place.

Finishing Off Our Discussion

However, when you discover new potential, take Mickey Gall as an example. Even though Mickey Gall was not yet 17, he entered the game when it was 1-0. I brought Mickey Gall in from Lookin’ For A Fight, and he had a reasonably successful career here. His most notable match was against CM Punk.

He spent some time here, got into a few excellent battles, and ultimately fared very well in all of them. They will be successful here if you locate youngsters who you believe are talented and it turns out that you were correct about them. And based on what I witnessed from this young man tonight, he seemed to have something extra.

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