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Danny Garcia vs Jose Benavidez Jr. Fight results Danny Garcia outclasses Jose Benavidez Jr, settling for a maturity decision Super win. 

 Danny Garcia sounded to earn a veritably clear decision palm over Jose Benavidez Jr tonight and did rightfully get his hand raised but had to settle for a maturity decision thanks to some classic Waleska Roldan scoring. 

 Roldan fought 114- 114, while Glenn Feldman scored it 116- 112 and Tony Paolillo 117- 111, both in favor of Garcia. Bad Left Hook’s two unofficial cards were 119- 109 in Garcia’s favor. 

Garcia( 37- 3, 21 KO) was making his 154 lb debut with this fight, and while he surely is small at the weight, he boxed smart, looked fresh, and looked like the break from boxing since the end of 2020 really did do him some good, and just excelled Benavidez( 27-2-1, 18 KO) for the utmost part. 

 Benavidez wasn’t suitable to connect with, important of note. However, he did stick his lingo out abundance and make a lot of faces, repeating that Garcia wasn’t hurting him, though Garcia kept doing further and winning rounds. 

 In his post-fight interview, an honest and emotional Garcia talked about some of his recent internal health battles, specifically dealing with anxiety and depression. 

 “I still battle some days. I still have some dark days, but I try to stay positive. I feel good now,” Garcia said. “My pater

 was there with me the whole way. I’m nothing without this man. Because of him I’m then.” 

His father, the Angel, was right at his side, showing support and stimulant for his son. Danny also said that he’d been asked why he went back to boxing since he’s made a good plutocrat, and he said, “For me to be Danny Garcia again, I had to be back in the ring, do what I love and be a fighter. People ask me, ‘Why do you still fight’ I love to fight. This is what I love to do.” 

 Asked what he wants to do next, Garcia said, “I’d like to fight anybody, but I would like to fight a rematch with Keith Thurman, because he took my’ 0.’ But if not I’d like to fight Lara for the( WBA secondary) middleweight title at 155.” 

 “I’m happy with my performance. I suppose I did a good job,” Benavidez said for his side. “I fought one of the stylish of the stylish in his vicinity. I actually felt like I won, but it’s what it is. I’m not gon na let this bring me down.” 

 Despite the trash-talking in the ring and before the fight, Benavidez showed Garcia respect, saying, “He’s a great person. We had a hell of a fight tonight.” He also said he’d like a rematch. 

Danny Garcia vs Jose BenavidezJr. Round-in-round results 

 Round 1 Garcia 10- 9 

 Shots to the body and a big right hand. 

 Round 2 Garcia 10- 9 

 Further of the same from Garcia, who hasn’t taken significant damage so far. 

 Round 3 Garcia 10- 9 

 further body shots that make this look easy for Garcia. 

 Round 4 Garcia 10- 9 

They’re trading shots, but Garcia is winning most of the exchanges. This isn’t a fight so far. 

 Round 5 Garcia 10- 9 

 A bit near of a round, but the body shots are still scoring for Garcia. 

 Round 6 Garcia 10- 9 

Not enough exertion from Benavidez. 

 Round 7 Garcia 10- 9 

 further of the same. This is an extremely one-sided fight, and Benavidez must be allowing a knockout. 

 Round 8 Garcia 10- 9 

A flurry at the end for Garcia. He didn’t need to win the round. 

 Round 9 Garcia 10- 9 

 More from Benavidez and a close round, but still not good enough. 

 Round 10 Garcia 10- 9 

The two- and- three-punch combinations are inviting for Garcia and make it look easy. 

 Round 11 Garcia 10- 9 

 It’s all over, but the last three twinkles. This is a beatdown—an emotional performance from Danny Garcia. 

 Round 12 10- 9 Garcia 

As Garcia dances down after the final bell, he knows he’s won this. Some riding during the last round, but at no point was this in mistrustfulness. Danny Garcia is now in contention to get his belts back at 154 lbs. 

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