Daniel Cormier’s Fight Pit Promo Over Zoom is Poor

Because the promotion needs someone to “lay down the law” during the special “Fight Pit” match that will take place between Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins at the upcoming WWE “Extreme Rules” pay-per-view (PPV) event this weekend in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, former UFC two-division champion Daniel Cormier will serve as the special guest referee at the event. The event will take place this weekend.

Cormier made his first appearance in front of a WWE RAW audience on the previous Monday. He thought that night to help promote his inclusion in the Riddle-Rollins match. However, the decision to have his pre-taped promo air on the big screen instead of living inside the ring.

He imagined that his performance may be left something to be desired, judging by the tepid (and piped-in) crowd response to the segment.

Cormier’s Statement Regarding the Event

Cormier stated, “We have had to listen to you two moans, quarrel, and complain for months, and we’ve had enough.” “You have been acting abnormally, and we have had enough of the stupidity.

You two have battled in settings ranging from parking lots to stadiums all around the globe. To answer the question that has been on everyone’s mind: “Who is this guy?” I am Daniel Cormier. I am widely regarded as one of the best fighters in UFC history. I have won both titles in this competition.

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Matt, listen up, man, you and I go back a long way. You competed in the UFC in the past, and for that, I have a lot of respect. You have been initiated into the fraternity. You are well aware, Seth, that I have always regarded you in the highest regard from a distance. When you won your first world championship, I was in Santa Clara, and I may have celebrated with you.

I suppose that the “wise marks” are anticipating that Cormier would flip on Riddle. “As the rest of the world is fed up, so am I,” Cormier added. “I’ve had enough.”

Someone said to me that the two of you are going to be participating in a bout called “Fight Pit” this coming Saturday at the Extreme Rules event. So, I’m interested in it. That’s the world I live in. I make my home within the crate.

I adore it. The one thing I am certain of, though, is that there must be a strict third man; the referee can’t just be anybody. Do you have any idea who they spoke to? They summoned ‘DC,’ your kid, to come down and establish order. They wanted to make sure that only one of you could emerge triumphant from the Fight Pit, and they wanted to put a stop to this.

Consequently, I fully intend to carry out your suggestion. Now is the time to quit yapping, train hard, and train smart, and I’ll see both of you guys this coming Saturday in Philadelphia.”

Finishing Off

Cormier has a relationship with professional wrestling legend Brock Lesnar and has shown interest in working as a commentator for WWE in the past. But don’t be shocked if “DC” ultimately does the honors for Lesnar, much as Cain Velasquez did as part of the “Crown Jewel” event back in 2019. It was unfortunate the UFC bout never came to fruition, but don’t be surprised to see “DC” do the honors for Lesnar soon.

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