Benson Henderson vs Peter Queally Odds and Predictions

We are presenting Benson Henderson vs Peter Queally Odds and Predictions. Bellator 285, which will take place in Ireland on September 23, will feature a big number of Irish athletes fighting in a variety of thrilling events. This event will take place in Ireland.

Boxing superstar Benson Henderson, who has a record of 29 wins and 11 losses, and Peter Queally, who was born and bred in Ireland. They will be battling against one another in the lightweight class. This fight will be the main event. They are going to compete against one another in order to achieve a place in the top five of their respective weight divisions (13-6-1).

Let’s Look Through Last Fight Record

The recent victory of Benson Henderson against Islam Mamedov was a surprising upset, and it took place in January of this year. At the age of 38, it was done to put a stop to a losing skid of three bouts, and it was done to put an end to the streak.

In Peter Queally’s most recent fight, which was for the lightweight title, Patricky Pitbull defeated him in the first round and knocked him out. That altercation happened in November of the previous year.

Matchup Information: Benson Henderson

When doing an examination of the Henderson vs. Queally betting, it is impossible to avoid discussing Benson Henderson’s status as a legendary figure in mixed martial arts (MMA). He has competed against almost all of the world’s best lightweights throughout the decade of the 2010s.

His specialty is the lightweight class. Henderson is now in his late 30s, but he is still competing at a very high level, and it seems that he has no intention of retiring anytime soon.

I feel that a victory here would put him in a position for one more attempt at the crown throughout his illustrious career. Because he has just come off of the most significant victory he has had in a very long time, his confidence has to be rebuilt.

During this fight week, going into the hostile climate that is Ireland and battling one of their own will need some more nerves from the fighter.

This Saturday, Henderson will most likely capitalize on the excitement that comes with a major fight and provide the greatest performance he is capable of giving. On Saturday night, you should be ready for a Bellator cage battle that will go down in history.

Matchup Information: Peter Queally

The one-time contender for the lightweight championship is working hard to maintain his position at the top of the Bellator rankings. It will be fascinating to see how much improvement Queally has made and how he will look in the cage on Saturday.

Queally is coming off a rough performance in a championship contest, so it will be especially intriguing to see how much he has progressed. After a rigorous training camp, you are aware that Queally is looking forward to competing in the Bellator event that takes place in Ireland.

He has been looking forward to this. In addition to being around 5 to 6 years younger than Henderson, he enjoys a size advantage over the latter. Will he be able to prevail despite Henderson’s many years of experience?

It was the first time that Queally had ever been finished, so once again, you should be ready for a battle in the cage this weekend.

He may be lacking in talent and technique, but Queally more than makes up for it with his tenacity and his passion. This sounds a lot like his rival, Benson Henderson, who is competing against him.

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Henderson vs Queally Match Preview

Betting on Henderson vs. Queally requires consideration of both combatants’ styles. In mixed martial arts, Henderson will forever be known as one of the toughest competitors. It seems like he’s always putting himself in and pulling himself out of sticky situations.

Henderson’s evasive maneuvers on the ground are both surprising and usually successful. A muay Thai style has emerged in recent battles for a man named Queally. He maintains a high guard and often “shells up,” taking bullets before returning fire.

With this strategy, it will be difficult to defeat Henderson. Henderson is a small favorite at -190 with Bellator. Given their familiarity with Henderson and the kind of showing he is coming off of, these odds seem fair.

If you like Queally, he’s worth a good chunk of your wager here, too. One should anticipate a tight battle, and a prop bet on the bout reaching the distance would be a smart move. Neither of these combatants has a history of knocking out their opponents, nor do they often lose through submission.

Our Prediction: Henderson vs Queally

The predictions for Bellator are almost usually pretty fascinating. There is often a significant amount of new combatants entering and exiting the promotion on a regular basis, some of whom even face off against competitors ranked in the top ten.

After doing a thorough review of the Henderson vs. Queally betting market, we have determined that the Henderson Moneyline is the best wager for this fight. He is going to win a round early on.

And then with his wrestling in the latter rounds, he is going to win the fight on the scorecards and finish the fight. In addition to that, you may keep an eye on a contribution made by Henderson.

That would be a huge opportunity for him to win in Ireland and earn another crack at the championship, giving him the chance to get revenge for his defeat to Patricky Pitbull in 2017.

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