Beneil Dariush Declined a Championship Alan Jouban Advised

Beneil Dariush declined a championship Alan Jouban advised. Even though Alexander Volkanovski is the one who is almost certainly going to get the next shot at the lightweight title, Alan Jouban feels bad for Beneil Dariush after he won his eighth fight in a row at UFC 280. Jouban feels this way because Volkanovski is the one who will almost certainly get the shot.

Volkanovski Will Battle Islam Makhachev at Lightweight

Volkanovski is expected to move up from featherweight and fight Islam Makhachev, most likely at UFC 284, in February. Meanwhile, Dariush is still waiting in line despite having a stellar record and recently prevailing over Mateusz Gamrot.

Dariush’s opponent, Volkanovski, is expected to fight Islam Makhachev.

It’s possible that this situation would have played out regardless of the outcome of Dariush’s fight, but Jouban claims that the lightweight contender did himself no favors by not requesting a crack at the championship when he had the chance.

“I was telling everyone, I was in Bristol at ESPN, Beneil was winning the fight and I go, ‘Beneil wins this fight, he had better take that hot mic and call out a title shot,'” Jouban said on The Fighter vs. The Writer.

“I was telling everyone, I was in Bristol at ESPN, Beneil was winning the fight and I go, ‘Beneil wins this fight, he had better take that hot mic and call out “I hope that it doesn’t turn into, ‘Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ, thank you to my coach, thank you to my wife,’ and that’s where it ends.

When he does that, he’s only going to end up hurting himself.

“You are aware of the point I am trying to make, and I don’t want anybody from a religious background to feel upset with me for saying this, but it turned out that he won the battle despite not doing anything particularly special.

You express your gratitude to God, and then you proceed. You can’t make everything about religion and family, and whoever comes after that, I’ll be pleased with it no matter what.

No!  “You have to declare that you want the title shot, that you want the belt, and that you are the next in line by saying that you are on the same card. Whoever comes out on top tonight between Oliveira and Islam, you can count on me to be next in line!

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The UFC Needs a Soundbite to Promote This Bout

For the UFC to market this fight, you are required to create a soundbite for them. However, if they do not have anything to promote a potential matchup, how are they going to make that matchup? He put a bullet through his foot.”

Jouban seldom allowed himself to call out opponents throughout his career, which may have prevented him from pursuing any high-profile bouts. As so, he gives Dariush the identical recommendation he would have followed if given a second chance.

Jouban said, “Unless you’re an aficionado, his name doesn’t pop out at you like ‘Beneil Dariush is killing it!'” Fans in general aren’t familiar with Beneil; it would have benefited him to speak out.

When new fighters come to me for guidance, this is one of the things I tell them to work on because it’s something I wish I could go back in time and alter.

Even in interviews, I would be forthright about my experiences in battle, but I would never order a kill. In terms of my character, I wouldn’t turn up the volume and demand a match against the champion.

If You’re 15th And Call First, You’ll Be Included

If you are ranked fifteenth and you call for first, you will be included in that discussion. It’s thought-provoking.

Dariush has always been true to himself, never trying to bait his opponents into confrontations with outrageous words only to get attention.

Dariush doesn’t want to come across as dishonest, and Jouban gets that, but there are plenty of ways to demand a championship fight without resorting to insults or slurs.

“Beneil should have the chance,” Jouban added. He’s earned the right to shoot after taking out everyone he’s taken out. Beneil should hire a better public relations firm. Somebody has to take up position behind him.

Because everyone who has ever interacted with Beneil agrees that he is the coolest guy ever. I’ve hung out with him; he’s a very nice guy and a lot of fun. He’s a good person and will hang around with you and provide training assistance.

He’s just too sweet. Competing in a combat game is not for the faint of heart.

You ought to insist on something. Something has to be announced. A sound bite is what is required of you. I think Beneil could have done more to make his shot interesting by the way he called it.

Jouban is realistic about the likelihood that Dariush will never again be able to compete for the UFC gold due to the effects of aging.

“He didn’t call out the champion or anybody above him,” Jouban stated. He didn’t yell out once. He expressed gratitude to all who assisted him and departed in a state of profound humility. I care deeply about Beneil, but someone has to point out that this is a business choice.

Finishing Line

We’ll get the championship bout if you call it correctly. He needs to make a change. He’s going to do a Tony Ferguson and battle his way to the top, just to be knocked out on a bad night and fall back down the ladder, where he’ll remain until he finally retires.

Now is the time for him to make a good choice.

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