Angela Lee Thinks Xiong Jing Nan Has Become Stale

While Angela Lee is the only competitor to have ever won the ONE Championship atomweight championship, her future opponent, Xiong Jing Nan. She has also held the strawweight strap since the organization first began awarding titles in that weight class. Angela Lee thinks Xiong Jing Nan has become stale.

The two combatants are already acquainted with one another since they have fought roughly 10 rounds together inside the same cage. But after seeing Xiong Jing Nan struggle to earn several lackluster decision victories since their previous bout.

Angela Lee Thinks Xiong Jing Nan Has Become Stale

Lee is of the opinion that the current strawweight champion has reached a plateau in his game. “When I saw Xiong compete, I had the impression that she wasn’t striving to win; rather, she was fighting to keep from losing.

When you’ve been the champion for a long, it’s easy to become complacent and start merely fighting to maintain your belt instead of fighting to win and crush every individual who stands in your way.

More Enhancements

This month, the two champions will compete against one another at ONE on Prime Video 2. Lee will be competing for Xiong’s strawweight strap, and she will be aiming to do better than the last time she competed for this title.

The previous time, Lee did not succeed in her attempt to win this belt. Lee recently defeated Stamp Fairtex through submission in the second round, and she believes that she has progressed more than her Chinese opponent during the course of the fight.

 “Xiong Jing Nan and I have fought 10 rounds against each other, so we are quite acquainted with each other’s fighting techniques.

But if there is one thing that I can say about myself as a fighter, as a mixed martial artist, and as a champion, it is that I absolutely feel like I have progressed much farther.

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 The fact that Lee has only fought once since her victory against Xiong in 2019 is due to the fact that she took some time away from her career to have a family. In the first bout, the Chinese fighter won by drawing a late stoppage.

 But in the rematch, the Hawaiian fighter won by submitting his opponent in the fifth round. Lee is extremely certain that she will be the one to put the pressure in the initial rounds of this fight due to the fact that she won her last battle in a very quick manner.

“I’ll be attempting to eliminate her in the early stages of the competition, and I get the impression that her game plan is to eliminate me in the latter rounds.” We’ll find out who succeeds in getting what they desire.”

More Maturity Based On Life Experience

Despite the fact that she has engaged in combat just once in the last three years, Lee believes that she has made significant progress. Xiong is the one who has battled for 15 rounds.

 But the Hawaiian believes that she is the one who has earned the most experience: “Since our first two bouts, I have gained a lot more experience. This is the 11th and final round. I am aware that she is a formidable competitor, but I am enthusiastic about what I will be bringing to the table.

Before Lee’s championship bout with Stamp Fairtex, there were a lot of unanswered issues around the fighter. Fans were curious as to whether or not she would be able to get back into the shape she was in before to the birth of her first kid.

 Lee gave a forceful response to their questions and demonstrated that her submission game is as sharp as it has always been. Xiong will attempt to push her into dangerous territory in order to see whether or not the challenger still has the stamina necessary to compete in all five rounds.

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