Alistair Overeem Defeats Badr Hari Trilogy in Third Round

Alistair Overeem defeats Badr Hari trilogy in third round. Alistair Overeem was victorious in the decisive match to break a stalemate that had lasted for 13 years. Overeem (11-4) made a successful comeback to kickboxing after spending the previous 12 years competing in mixed martial arts (MMA).

In their third career encounter, which took place on Saturday at Glory Collision 4, Overeem beat Badr Hari (106-17). After two rounds of intense competition, Overeem burst in Round 3 to knock down Hari twice and win the fight. At the GelreDome in Amhem, Netherlands, judges scored the bout 29-26, 28-27, 28-27, and 28-27, respectively, giving him the victory by unanimous decision.

Both of the Males Made an Aggressive Entrance

Overeem’s movement and hitting angles were a little bit unconventional, and he had a little more of a mixed martial arts (MMA) approach than Hari did, who used a more conventional stance. Overeem was knocked down by a powerful blow from Hari.

Overeem persisted with his ungainly, forward-heavy movement despite the sound of the impact. The leg kicks came out swinging in the second round. Hari was responsible for a greater proportion of the high and low kicks.

Overeem landed a vicious uppercut to the head of his opponent at that point, which was the most significant blow of the fight up to that point. He pretended to hook up, but in reality, he went from six o’clock until twelve o’clock. Although it seems like Hari’s glove may have contacted the ground, the referee did not call a knockdown on the play.

Hari started to feel exhausted as the third round went on. Hari was knocked out with a devastating combination that was delivered by Overeem. Hari was able to get to his feet just in time for the referee to start the standing eight-count after the count was delayed, presumably when the referee observed Overeem head to the corner.

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Overeem did not waste any time and sat him down once again. On the mat, Hari turned his attention to his corner and inquired as to how much time remained. He made up for the lost time during the eight-count, but he used up all of the available time.

Hari parried a couple of punches from Overeem with forty seconds remaining on the clock, then delivered a quick right hand of his own. Overeem looked to be stunned, at least for the briefest of moments, by the strike.

When the Judges Determined, Overeem Won

The rest of the round was spent with the two combatants exchanging punches with one another. As the last bell rang, the corners rushed to calm down their combatants, not knowing whether or not there would be the fourth round to break the stalemate. However, it was not required in any way.

Following the bout, Overeem referred to himself as “the Glory champion,” which grabbed the attention of the current heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven who was doing commentary throughout the event.

Verhoeven approached the ring to face Overeem, who acted exaggeratedly as if he were “quaking” when he saw him. Their verbal altercation was immediately cut short by Hari, who stepped up to the microphone and informed the audience that the bout in question was his last.

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