Alexa Grasso Wouldn’t Face Valentina Shevchenko for The Title

Alexa Grasso wouldn’t face Valentina Shevchenko for the title. Alexa Grasso is not attempting to rush into a championship chance in the hopes of being the most recent challenger to be dominated by the current UFC flyweight champion, Valentina Shevchenko.

She Indicated She’d Wait for More Experience Before Competing

Following an outstanding victory by five-round decision against Viviane Araujo in the main event of UFC Vegas 62, the contender, who is 29 years old, revealed that she would prefer more experience before attempting to challenge for the title.

Grasso said that she would never refuse a chance at the championship if it were presented to her, but she is astute enough to see that participating in another big event would better prepare her for the possibility of winning the championship.

During the post-fight news conference after UFC Vegas 62, Grasso revealed that “fighting for 25 minutes for the first time” was a significant challenge for him.

“I wish that I could do it again. I hope I could compete in another big event with one of the females, maybe the victor of the match between Katlyn Chookagian and Manon Fiorot or one of the other ladies who are now in first place.

“I would want to try myself again for 25 minutes before [a title shot], but if I have to go for the belt, I will do it.” “I would like to test myself again for 25 minutes before a championship shot.”

The Second Significant Fight in Her Category Is a Week After Her Bout

Grasso said before her fight on Saturday that even a victory wouldn’t guarantee her anything since there is another prominent clash in her class taking place exactly one week after the bout she was scheduled to compete in.

Katlyn Chookagian goes up against Manon Fiorot at UFC 280 in a bout that has the potential to have huge repercussions at 125 pounds, as Shevchenko waits for news on who her next opponent will be.

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Grasso, for her part, doesn’t have a choice on who she wants to win at UFC 280, but you can be sure that she’ll be watching to see who does. Grasso referred to it as “an important struggle” in his statement.

“I am looking forward to seeing that battle. That battle is something I want to see. I have never stopped thinking about the outcome since if Manon prevails, she will have five victories in a row, which is one more than I now have.

However, if Chookagian is successful, then she has also been successful. This is a very significant battle. I can hardly wait to see it.

“Grasso is hesitating to make any decisions since the battle between Chookagian and Fiorot is just seven days away, and the outcome of that fight is likely to have a significant influence on what comes next for her.

“I can’t say for sure. Grasso said, “I am required to wait.” “Because this battle is just as significant as the others. As I said before, we are basically in the semifinals, so we must do well here.

Finishing Line

I am required to wait. Grasso believes that the ideal circumstance for getting her ready to contend for the championship would be for her to have the opportunity to put more experience on her resume via another five-round battle, regardless of who her opponent could be.

Nevertheless, Grasso will not refuse the opportunity to fight Shevchenko again if the UFC offers him a contract to do so.

Grasso said, “I will do anything [UFC matchmaker Mick] Maynard asks,” and he followed through on his promise. “I have faith in him, and he never fails to provide me with interesting challenges.

So do whatever it is that he says. But there is no question that I would be interested in another big event.

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